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Bespoke Songs

love songs for soprano and chamber groupNEW

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1. Here is a poem
2. The Admonition
3. New lovers
4. Elegie
5. If a lover brings an orange
6. Song of Songs
7. At Winter Solstice
8. Is there ecstasy
9. Kärlek [Love]
10. One morning
11. Любовь (Lyubov) [Love]
12. This is my poem

Bespoke Songs is a cycle of love songs for soprano and chamber group setting twelve poems in six languages (English, French, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish, and Russian). Six texts written by women poets spanning two millennia are framed and interpolated by six new texts written specifically for the piece by contemporary poet Kristina Faust. The result is a poetic narrative of a Love Anticipated, Found, Lived, Lost, and Remembered. The “Bespoke Songs Project” was a true collaboration between myself, soprano Fotina Naumenko, and my spouse, conductor Nadège Foofat.

Above audio is an 8′ selection of excerpts. Complete premiere performance video below.

Genres:   New WorksChamberVocal

Subgenres:   ChamberSong


soprano, clarinet, saxophone (alto & soprano), violin, cello, guitar, percussion, piano

Commissioned by

Fotina Naumenko
with support from
Shenandoah University
Hermine Drezner
and the Canada Council for the Arts


March 9, 2022

Recent Performances

  • March 9, 2022 - Fotina Naumenko, soprano | EDGE Ensemble | WORLD PREMIERE at Bright Box Theater, Winchester, Virginia. Conducted by Nadège Foofat. Garrick Zoeter, clarinet | Timothy Roberts, saxophones | Akemi Takeyama, violin | Edward Cho, cello | Karlyn Viña, percussion | Marika Bournaki, piano