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OK Feel Good​

for wind orchestra

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OK Feel Good is the result of an opportunity to write for the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble. The friendship and camaraderie I experienced that summer imposed itself onto my writing—so the work grew into a colorful rhythmic playground, presented with a grin and a wink. In 1999, at the request of Eric Whitacre, I transcribed the work for winds and percussion. My wish is that the original sense of glorified game-show music has been unaltered, and hopefully even amplified.

Genres:   Winds

Subgenres:   Large Ensemble


2Picc, 2Fl, 2Ob, 2Bsn, 3Clar, BClar, 2ASax, TSax, BSax, 3Trpt, 4Hn, 2Trb, BTrb, 2Euph, 2Tba, Cb &/or EBass, Pno, Timp, 4Perc ( Xyl/ Glock/ Vibr/ Mar/ Crot/ 4CowB/ SnDr/ Roto-T/ Tom-T/ BDr/ 5Wood Bl/ SusCym/ Tri/ Guiro/ Maracas/ GlChimes/ Conga)

Commissioned by

the University of Nevada Las Veas Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie

Recorded on

  1. BCM...Saves the World
  2. 3 Steps Forward
  3. Equus

Recent Performances

  • October 8, 2017 - University of Central Florida Wind Ensemble at University of Central Florida. Conducted by Scott Lubaroff.
  • November 29, 2016 - Texas Tech University at Hemmle Hall, Texas Tech University. Conducted by Duane Hill.
  • February 29, 2016 - SUNY Fredonia Wind Symphony at King Concert Hall, SUNY Fredonia. Conducted by Carl Mazzio.