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miniature for violin and bass clarinet

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This miniature was written for The New York Miniaturist Ensemble, who are “dedicated to performing music written with purity of essence – composed of 100 notes or fewer.” Dohyci is kind of musical koan, and the real fun of writing it was coming to terms with my own definition of a “note”. Subsequently, this might not be your idea of 100 notes. Depends on how you count it.

Genres:   Chamber

Subgenres:   Mixed EnsembleChamber


World Premiere – April 11, 2007, Makor, New York City

Recent Performances

  • February 3, 2009 - BGSU New Music Ensemble at Bryan Recital Hall, Bowling Green State University. Ken Thompson, director
  • April 11, 2007 - The New York Miniaturist Ensemble at Makor, 35 W. 67th St., NYC. World Premiere