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Nostalgia for the Kingdom

for piano trioNEW

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1.Radio Ballad, 1986
2. Fugue, 1995
3. Boogie, 1975

In three snapshots of personal memories, the trio reminisces on the pad-synth soundworlds of ’80’s pop ballads, the wistful nostalgia of my time dutifully learning craft in conservatory, and the echoes of a childhood reverberating with the fading sounds of disco and funk. The title is taken from Julio Cortazar’s 1963 novel Hopscotch, from a passage about a defining humanity via its innate striving toward the long-remembered.

Genres:   New WorksChamber

Subgenres:   StringsChamber


violin, cello, piano

Upcoming Performances

  • October 26, 2024 - Nadège Foofat, violin, Julian Schwarz, cello, and Marika Bournaki, piano at Glen Burnie House Concert, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.